Discover your body's mineral makeup with our Reset Mineral Analysis. This test examines 21 essential mineral and toxin biomarkers. Get insights into your mineral composition, ratios, toxic metal exposure, and oxidation rate—all crucial factors influencing your energy and health. Uncover potential deficiencies and imbalances early on, with actionable insights and personalized recommendations for the best version of you.

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With the Reset Mineral Analysis, we get a blueprint of your biochemistry and are able to design a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your unique needs.  

  • Uncover nutrient mineral deficiencies or excesses that may be the underlying cause of physical or behavioral conditions
  • Discover the levels of nutrient minerals actually being absorbed by your cells
  • Determine the levels of heavy metals in your body
  • Learn about your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity
  • Optimize digestion and absorption of minerals and vitamins for increased vitality
  • Make intelligent and informed dietary & lifestyle choices based on your individual results


By undergoing this elemental analysis, you'll receive a snapshot of potential mineral deficiencies and imbalances. This information can serve as an early warning system for physiological irregularities and abnormal levels of toxic elements or mineral imbalances. Armed with this data, we can provide you with actionable insights and personalized recommendations. These may include crucial nutrient adjustments and lifestyle modifications tailored to improve your health outcomes.

Signs of mineral imbalances can vary depending on the specific mineral involved and whether it's in excess or deficiency. Here are some general signs associated with mineral imbalances:

  • Fatigue -  feeling constantly tired or lacking energy

  • Muscle Cramps - frequent muscle cramps or spasms

  • Digestive Issues - problems like bloating, diarrhea or constipation

  • Nervous System - nervousness or anxiety

  • Skin Conditions -skin problems like dryness, rashes, or acne

  • Hair and Nail Changes - brittle hair and nails

  • Weight Changes - weight gain or loss

  • Hormonal Imbalances - irregular menstrual cycles or hormone-related issues

  • Immune System - a weakened immune system, leading to frequent illnesses

  • Cognitive Function - memory problems or brain fog

  • Mood Disorders - depression or mood swings

  • Metabolic Problems - difficulty regulating blood sugar levels

  • Sleep Disturbances - insomnia or poor-quality sleep

The Reset Mineral Analysis is an essential addition to your wellness toolkit. This powerful screening tool goes beyond, offering a comprehensive view of your mineral status and imbalances. Uncover the root causes of your  wellness concerns and enhance the effectiveness of your treatment strategies. 


Revolutionize your approach to well-being with this comprehensive solution.

  1. Place your order and receive a hair sampling kit in the mail.
  2. Activate your kit using the unique code found in your kit.
  3. Send back your hair sample, following the instructions in your hair sampling kit.
  4. Complete your online intake form.
  5. Receive your personalized Reset Metabolic Blueprint results, along with tailored
    nutrition and lifestyle advice, all conveniently available on your secure online personal dashboard.