Optimize your health
at the cellular level

Optimal wellness begins at the cellular level. Hidden in each strand of your hair is your own personal code that reveals how your body uniquely metabolizes the key elements for optimal health and wellbeing – minerals and toxins.



Boost your metabolic health

A small snip of your hair gives you access to your inner metabolic world
and reveals how your diet, lifestyle, exercise, and environment
affect you - on a cellular level.


The Reset Yourself Method

Energy is life – we consume, metabolize, produce and repurpose it daily as a way to sustain and live our best lives.

Imagine what you could do with an abundant supply of your life force?

Our proprietary Reset Mineral Analysis program is a no sweat, science backed, data driven solution that is designed to be easily done in the comfort of your home. The program starts with the Reset Mineral Analysis, a painless, non-invasive test that gives you unprecedented insight into your unique biochemistry through a detailed analysis of 21 key mineral and toxin biomarkers. Mineral and toxic metal levels are important to know because they significantly impact your overall vitality, aka adaptive energy.

To measure is to know. Uncover your unique metabolic blueprint through the Reset Mineral Analysis test which will help you unlock your inner pharmacy.

Your body is a treasure trove of information and mechanisms designed to help you self-heal and repair. The first step is to know your starting point - your unique metabolic blueprint.

Your metabolic blueprint gives you personalized insights and our practical tools help you optimize your adaptive energy and attain your health goals.

Once you have a clear picture of your inner metabolic world, it’s time to charge towards your ideal version of you (one step-at-a-time).

We’ll guide you through this blueprint so you can go at your own pace. No pressure, no rush, all the tools to help you reset your body and mindset.

You can choose from two Reset programs that best fits your lifestyle and health goals.

Boost your new lifestyle with improved energy, better sleep, healthier skin, and a clear mindset.

You were born to thrive, not just to survive.

What happens when you Reset Yourself?


Detect your unique metabolic blueprint


Reset your potential for unlimited wellbeing


Energize your physical and mental performance


Reset Your Gut

Your gut biome is your second brain where it all begins with ingesting and transforming food into consumable energy that not only fuels your body but also your brain. Our customized nutrition and lifestyle program can meet you on every level and goal of your journey.

Restore Balance

Discover which protocols and practices can help you eliminate toxins from your body more efficiently and reset your digestive health.


Reset Your Mindset

Your mental attitude influences your outcomes. Get the tools you need to create the mindset required to support the physical changes you’re making so living a healthy lifestyle is natural and effortless.

Go Beyond Eating Plans and Exercise Regimens

Reevaluate and reframe your mindset and internal dialogue to optimize your metabolic health.


Reset Your Lifestyle

A lifetime commitment to your best self is a constantly evolving journey of exploration and growth. Learn what shifts to make in your environment and daily life for a healthy and sustainable reset.

Level Up

Dive deeper into the full spectrum of Reset Yourself products from supplements to monthly subscriptions packed with the ongoing support you need to thrive.


Reset Your Body

Every body is unique and, when it comes to nutrition, lifestyle and exercise, what may work for one person may not be the best choice for another. Learn which food and activities fuel YOUR unique biochemistry and what to avoid.

Reconnect With Your Body

Whether you are looking to boost energy, lose weight, reduce stress, glow from within, or simply want to adopt healthier habits, a body reset will get you back on track.

Ready to discover your personal best?

Choose a reset that fits your needs

We offer the Reset Mineral Analysis and the Reset Pet Mineral Analysis designed specifically for your beloved pets - both options offer tools and support to enhance and optimise well-being.


This is the ultimate mind & body reset for you

  • Reset Mineral Analysis Test
  • Your Personalized METABOLIC BLUEPRINT
  • Individual Reset Program For 6 Months
  • Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Lifetime Online Access to your results and plan

Reset and optimize your pet's unique body chemistry

  • Reset Pet Mineral Analysis Test
  • Your Pet's Personalized METABOLIC BLUEPRINT
  • Your Pet's Individual Program for 6 Months
  • Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Lifetime Online Access to your pet's results and plan

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